How to Purchase Used Shipping Containers For Sale


A growing awareness of modern living’s effect on the environment is urging more people to conserve resources, and one of the ways this can be done is by recycling or reusing manufactured objects in ways they may not have been originally intended for.

Among the most reusable objects are used shipping containers. Shipping Container  Shipping containers are large metal containers constructed for the transport of goods over sea or land. Incredibly durable, they are also made to keep out salt and moisture. This makes them ideal for storing furniture and other belongings, and the used containers are often put to such a use by businesses or individuals. In addition, resourceful builders have used the strong metal structures to create residential and office units. With such potential usefulness, it’s no wonder shippers offer used containers for sale instead of disposing of them.

Should you wish to buy a used shipping container, a few guidelines may help.

How long do you need it? If it’s only for a few months’ storage, renting a container may be more practical and save you the trouble of getting rid of it afterwards.

Where will you put it? Some places have restrictions on housing shipping containers. Make sure that the space where you plan to place it allows such structures, and that there is adequate room for delivery of the container.

How big a container do you need? Containers typically come in lengths of 20 feet or 40 feet, with widths of 8 feet and common heights of 8. 5 or 9. 5 feet.

Familiarize yourself with descriptions. “Used ” containers can be almost new or well-worn. A more useful label is “one-trip”, which is self-explanatory. These are usually almost new, but may have a few scratches. “Factory paint” means a container has been painted only once, upon manufacture. “Cargo worthy” indicates a cargo surveyor has inspected it and pronounced it good for sea travel. “As-is” containers are typically the most economical option, but are also the most worn and have likely been retired by shipping companies.

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