Guideline to help Purchasing in addition to Leasing Copiers

1. What is my budget?

Copier speed is measured in copies each minute (CPM, also known as pages each minute or PPM). Copiers can produce from four to over 100 copies per minute. The slowest machines begin at around £700 and the fastest, digitally connected, multifunctional machines can cost over £100,000.

Copiers that cost more than a couple thousand pounds are usually rented or leased, but they may also be bought outright. Leases for photocopiers typically extend for three to five years.

2. Can there be any hidden costs?

The capital cost of printers may be relatively inexpensive but the cost of consumables, maintenance plays a significant part in budgetary decisions Commercial printer. Research shows that 40% to 45% of total cost of ownership goes toward consumables and servicing and 55% to 60% is right down to manageability and reliability.

3. What’s your copy and print volume?

It’s always worth assessing your present usage by conducting an instant print audit of average pages printed each month, A4 or A3 requirements, black & white usage and colour usage. Take a long-term view and consider the potential growth of one’s company or personal office.

4. Should I select colour copiers or mono copiers?

Colour is without question where the near future lies. Even though the manufactures are obviously keen to push colour copiers, as it increases their margins on consumables, remember the most effective business multi-function peripherals do offer mono and colour simultaneously. It’s also possible to disable the colour on the multi-function peripherals if you do not need colour now but want it in the future.

5. What should I do next?

Photocopier companies like us normally provide free suggestions about purchasing, so if you’re still not entirely sure on what sort of copier machine to select, it’s probably best to get hold of your local dealer and hopefully they should give free information without wanting to persuade you to a sales deal.

This Article isn’t wanting to promote our products or our website. We are just giving out free advice for companies that are having problems in deciding what photocopier to purchase.

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