Article marketing Outsourcing – Faqs For your Article Marketing Provider

Marketing articles on the web takes a lot of creativity and thinking out of the box. As such, it is very likely that one article marketing provider defines the term differently than the next, and uses a different set of techniques as well. If you are in the process of deciding which provider to deal with, the following questions can help you look under the hood and evaluate your prospects accurately.

  1. May I see your client portfolio?

This is the way around article marketing providers that won’t tell you details except that they offer internet marketing providence “quality SEO results” by using “effective SEO strategies. ” By having access to their client portfolio, you will be able to evaluate them based on their success in handling previous customers, by simply looking at the ranking of these clients. You can also take it a step further by actually getting in touch with previous clients for some fact checking.

  1. Which directories do you market to?

Article marketing gets you the best results when you implement it along with other SEO techniques such as contextual link building, for example. By knowing which article directories your prospective provider is using, you will also know what type of results to expect. Unfortunately, marketing to as many directories as you can doesn’t necessarily guarantee better results. You know that what you need more is the quality of the directory, so make sure you see that in the list of directories that they will give you.

  1. What are you sources for your materials?

Algorithms run search engines but humans still produce the best web content. Another good indication of the competence of your provider is the quality of the source of materials that they use for their marketing effort. Low-quality content does not increase conversion while original articles do, because they serve as a base on which contextual links can be built.

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