Who are Your Teachers?

I am a mom of four and within in the day I was a teacher. When i had children of my own and they became school aged, I taught them. I have been homeschooling for more than 19 years now and one thing that i realize is that for the best education for your student is to have multiple teachers. I am good at many subjects however; some subjects I am unable to teach effectively. Besides, children need to see different styles and methods of teaching. Some teachers, like me, have a wide range of information suited for the younger learner. However, other teachers may well be experts in what they teach providing them with the ability to teach at a deeper level.

As a home business owner I have the wonderful probability to not only be a teacher but a student as well. I am lucky to have trained under some fascinating people ucdm website. My mind went from a negative, lack minded and depressed blob to an encouraged, inspired and grateful cloth or sponge that wants to know and teach. As a leader, I want to encourage and stimulate my team. I want to be a teacher to them and teach them what I know. I want to push them to the limit to help them reach their goals.

However, I am also a realist. I know that i cannot be your only teacher and have you survive. You must get some training, mind training from somewhere else. So whom do you look to as a teacher? Who have you heard of and whom are you following. Listed here are definitely the teachers. They have changed living in so many ways. I know how important it is to learn something from each of them. Each one of these teachers has some amazing and wonderful information that will help transform your life.

Bob Proctor- I like Bob as a teacher because they have a real interesting way to explain how the world of energy works and more notable how our unconscious works. He helps me to draw on my mind and realize its incalculable potential.

Tony Robbins- Tony is brash yet fun teacher. He is a matter of fact; I am going to put it into your face kind of person. He puts things in a contrasting perspective of understanding. He holds no punches and he forces you to look at yourself. He forces you to really look at you and your situation. He causes you to look at your future. He confronts you with where are you going. He challenges you to reach one’s destination.

Joe Vitale- The Miracles teacher. Joe is in alignment with Bob Proctor in the sense of the whole energy earth thing. However, Joe really helps to understand why it is not working. Joe explained to me things like clearing and ways to get rid of the negative energy. He helped me to realize that even though on one hand I was doing what I should to manifest my dream I was on the other hand blocking what I wanted by using a distorted belief system. He also showed me how to make it better.

Jack Canfield- is the idea person. He just has some plain simple ideas for you to grow personally and professionally. He is easy to be and just makes sense.

Les Brown- He is my hopeful teacher. He is my preacher. He talks to me as if my pastor were telling me what my father wanted me to do. He encourages me to strive for something more. He motivates me to overcome any obstruction and he puffs my belief and raises my faith.

Of course, there are so many more like James Allen, Vic Johnson, Lisa Jimenez and Zig Ziglar.

I use these resources consistently. If you want to reach your success goals then you need to pick up a copy of each one of these books and read them in your 8 core commitments: Remember, when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

Lisa is an energetic spontaneous one that lives with love, passion and purpose. She loves home business and homeschooling. She is active in her community and is always contacting help the next family discover their financial and lifestyle dreams.

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