I Tested Tinder Online Dating Site : After 70 Matchs and 2 Dates, Here’s What I Think


With more than 10 million subscribers, Tinder has revolutionized the world of dating, offering to meet through a geolocation system. Out of curiosity, I wanted to test the application. Between review and conclusions, I give you this unusual experience for me on Tinder.

After a few swipes on the screen of my smartphone, here I am on Tinder, talking with perfect unknowns more or less well-intentioned. Match.com 2.0 for some, source of amusements, pleasures or games for others.

Why be on Tinder? That’s finally THE question. For having asked several times, I observe that few people answer frankly. Many prefer to hide behind their little fingers, lest their sincerity cover them with shame.

Why you should us Tinder Online service

We can look for love as and Hookups

Some find one (or more) Hookup on Tinder. Some use it to pass the time. Some are out of curiosity. Some use it to make bets with friends, it is the one who will get the most affinities (we also say “matches”).

Some take the opportunity to flirt away from dating sites deemed often intrusive and synonymous with head shots. Some are looking for great love. Some come to inflate their ego by getting the most possible matches, some want to test their power of seduction without necessarily going further.

And of course, some clearly use Tinder for Casual Sex.

No, I do not elude the question, I do not kick in touch. It’s my turn to explain myself. As a communicator, I have a good excuse. It seems that a good communicator must be on the lookout for trends, innovations, sometimes even take them in hand, handle them, test them.

So much for the bogus answer. So much for the politically correct answer. So much for the socially acceptable answer.

The truth is that I let myself be guided by my curiosity. After, I do not exclude that it allows me to meet / discuss / interact with nice and nice people (after all, that’s what I do when I go to parties with friends).

Selfies, duckfaces, super likes … Tinder Profiles Explained

On Tinder (TinderRencontre.com), we find everything. If the physical plays in life, on this application, people often put nothing but photos to describe themselves effectively.

I think of the many girls who do duckfaces on their photos (not sure that it really enhances them), to those who think they are models, to those who share their childhood photos or evenings (and if not, your friends know you put pictures of them on Tinder?), to those who are photographed from behind (which is not necessarily very clever), to those who make selfies in their bathroom, to those who who make faces, to those who look spontaneous and authentic.

On Tinder, you can scroll through the photos mechanically without lingering. One can also consult the profiles and read the descriptions when there are some (it’s quite rare). In general, I come here when I have a doubt.

I happened to see everything and its opposite: quotes (Louis Aragon, Phone …), smilies, jokes, many links to Instagram, more or less poetic prose, measurements, ready-made sentences, like “We’ll tell our parents we met in a museum”.

In addition, I had to delete several affinities because I received messages, always the same, young girls saying very naughty and inviting me to join a site libertine. Curious. Through Twitter, I learned that it was common and that it happened to both men and women.

I met Joanna, and we went for a drink

As I write this article, I have 70 matches in a few days. For various reasons, the conversation has not always been engaged. But every time she was, it was my initiative (with one or two exceptions).

In total, I matched seriously with three or four young women. Together, we talked about everything and nothing, mostly music and what we are looking for on Tinder. I discovered bands like The Yardbirds and Pokey LaFarge.

And little by little, I thought to myself: why not meet them? Why not go for a drink with one of them, at least not to die silly? That’s right, what good is it to create links if it’s to stay there?

So, I went for a drink with Joanna, then with Camille [1], both students in Paris.

Necessarily, there were whites, embarrassments and hesitations. A bit like when you meet new faces at friends, except that there, the connection was a little more original.

I had already experienced it through Twitter. The digital invites us to reconsider the way we approach the other, it is perhaps not so bad provided we know the hazards.

I tried to show myself more gentleman than others

With Joanna, we walked in the Parisian cold. There was a lot of talk about Tinder. She was curious to know how the opposite sex uses it. I tried to be more gentleman than anyone who mechanically tilts the profiles to the right without looking at them.

She also told me about the pearls on which she fell: a submissive man in search of a dominant and another in Paris, who was looking for where to sleep.

Joanna made me laugh a lot, I had a great time with her. I hope we will keep in touch.

With Camille, we started by talking about our musical tastes on Tinder. Necessarily, I could not help but talk about the memoir I wrote about the political character of Johnny Hallyday. I sent it to her and she even read it.

The very positive criticism she made of it reinforced my choice: I must meet her. It is now done. We had a drink and had dinner together. It was a nice surprise.

Camille made me very good impression, provided that it is reciprocal even if I am a very bad at flirting.

Tinder brought out my animal instinct

What I liked in this experience was discovering new bands, sharing my passions, distracting myself and satisfying my curiosity.

What I did not like was the timidity of people. Many do not respond and are too easily wary of a beginning of conversation that is not binding.

I did not like the consumerist side of Tinder either. Since September 2012, the application innovates as much as it conveys an uninhibited dating app, based on geolocation and the image. It meets the expectations of those who are free from codes, who prefer to rely on chance and their intuitions.

New icon of the Y generation, it reflects a society of narcissistic desire, as the psychologist Michael Stora says so well. A simple search on Twitter tends to show the extent of the phenomenon and allows us to see how much we do not find that philosophers. And that may be where the problem lies.

Generation Y wants everything without waiting. “Enjoying without hindrance”, said the supporters of May 68. Using Tinder, I had the impression to consult a catalog by highlighting my animal or animal instinct, to sort my stuff between what I throw and what I wish to keep.

I came across girls I knew on Tinder

I end with a best of. Here is my top 3.

1. The best of the best is the profile of a girl who was looking for “a practicing Catholic lover”. Not sure she’s in the right place.

2. Because I said that I was a fan of Johnny Hallyday, one girl became interested in my profile and did not tell me anything else. Too bad (especially for her huh).

3. Oh and of course, I was going to forget. The magic, the chance and the algorithms of Tinder allow to fall on people that we know. I thus found many friends whose names I will silence. Everyone is there, but that’s what everyone assumes …

It seems that Tinder makes you addicted, Am I going back?