Glacier Bay Boats – Sail to the Ends of the World in style


Are you thinking of buying a catamaran but you are not sure where you will get one? Well, catamarans are in no short supply all over the world. They are quickly replacing the regular sail boats that had become common place in all waters across the globe. A trawler catamaran is one of the finest things that you could possibly use for sailing. This is a powerhouse in disguise. It packs within it lots of power and incredibly good performance. You will never be disappointed when you buy a catamaran. It is way better than the regular sail boats that everyone seems to have nowadays.

Buying a catamaran

When you decide to purchase a catamaran, you have two main options- brand new or used. The brand new cats are definitely going to be more expensive inmar inflatable boats . These ones are not as affordable as you might want them to be. However, this is why there are the used catamarans, these ones allow you the freedom to sail around comfortably and just have fun out in the waters. The thing about catamarans is that they have better performance when compared to other sail boats keep reading to find out why.

Another option that you have is to rent one. If you reside in the Glacier Bay area in Alaska you can easily rent one with such impeccable ease. The Glacier Bay Boats company offers you the opportunity to hire a catamaran with your friends or family and you can go out for as long as you want. It is a guarantee that you will really have fun when you are out in the waters of Glacier Bay.

Why catamarans are highly favored

Catamarans are highly favored for several reasons. For starters they are safer when compared to many sailing boats. As a matter of fact, if there is a water vessel that assures you of safety then it must be a catamaran. The risk of these vessels sinking is very low. The same is the case with risk of being thrown overboard- very low. Safety is almost 100% guaranteed. Another thing that you will love about catamarans is that they are very spacious. Most of them come with a wide deck area providing a lot of space for whatever activities you want to engage in. You can dance or bask in the sun on deck chairs without concerning yourself so much about space constraints because there are none.

When it comes to speed, there is no sail boat that can keep up with a catamaran; they are incredibly fast. A 28-foot catamaran has a likelihood of cruising at speeds of up to 10 knots with such tremendous ease. This vessel has two hulls that reduce the wetted surface under the water. As a result the drag is reduced. There is a space between the two hulls which supports the main cabin but the main point here is less drag and hence high speeds. Traveling to more destinations is therefore a possibility when you use a catamaran.

With a trawler catamaran you are assured of an amazing 3600 view from the bridge deck cabin. You do not have to get out of the cabin so that you can enjoy the bewitching beauty of the open sea. People who freak out when they thing about being out in open sea can always go sailing in shallow waters. Catamarans can also do this. If you want to buy a catamaran for yourself then you are welcome to do so but then you can always hire one for those days when you want to spend a day out in the waters with your friends and/or family.

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