Give Your business a steady Dose of Sugar Rush With Android Development Outsourcing


The Android application development platform represents the largest number of mobile device users that spans across different mobile brands. It currently has close to 75% of the total market share of smart phones, with 500 million devices activated around the world by September 2012. A research company has boldly projected that by the end of 2013, one billion devices will have been activated.

With a potential market numbering by the thousands in america alone, the opportunities for growth are great. Businesses like yours can therefore take advantage of this table-turning offer by creating Android apps. It could be a game, an app representing an extension of your service, or any kind of app complementary to the nature of your business.

Outsourcing your Android application development project is a decision towards getting the biggest bang for your buck. You get to have experienced professionals create your apps at a price a fraction of what it would cost to have one of your personnel do it for you. T decompile apk his team of experts have the exact technical know-how to help you accomplish your vision and then some. They can give valuable tips to improve your vision because they know how your target market might respond.

Number of users. As stated above, Android has the largest number of users. This means that there is a lot of potential downloads of your app. However, since Android mobile devices vary in hardware configurations (for instance, many have the touch screen while others still use the device keyboard), you will have to be specific about how you want your app to come out. This may include the demographics of your target market. For example, if your clientele consists of users in their 20’s to 30’s from middle to upper class, there is a chance that they use the latest and more technologically advanced models. You can have your app created with the capabilities of those phones in mind.

Cost-advantageous. Outsourcing your Android development projects to a professional application development team is akin to borrowing their facilities and skills. Since you are only borrowing, you get to save much on costs; this compared to having to set up your own facilities and hiring and training your own development team.

Creativity. As an open source mobile development platform, Android is able to provide more flexibility to developers than what other frameworks can. This freedom for creativity allows developers to be as innovative they can be. This open-sourceness may also mean cheaper resources as elements from other software can be “borrowed”, modified and re-used. In this way, Android takes application customization to another level.

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