Four apps like no other to find love online

Applications, materials, use of social networks … Every other Friday, “La Matinale” accompanies you and advises you in your connected life. Today, a selection, as subjective as love can be, of four dating apps.

So that’s the match between you? More than twenty years after the launch of the first dating site in France, one in four French declares having already registered, at least once, on an Internet platform or an application (Observatory 2018 of the online meeting, IFOP). And if more than one in two users (57%) met “someone in real life” thanks to these digital tools, two thirds of them had to be content with “an adventure without tomorrow”. Was it different for readers of matrimonial classifieds of the monthly Le Chasseur French, precursor of the genre in 1919?

Whatever the weapons, the hunt for the beloved remains undeniably up to date. Generalist or specialized, sometimes niche depending on age, sexual orientation, religion, political edge, interests, or physical characteristics, sites and dating applications have not not fail to exploit the vein of the relationship (and more if affinities) in seeking to distinguish.

Most often on subscription (or via integrated purchases), they claim “serious meetings for singles” (Meetic), gay-friendly (Grindr), or extra-marital (Gleeden), that the “match” is done by ” swipe “(a boost on the right or the left) as with Tinder, at the initiative of women like AdopteUnMec, or thanks to geolocation, as with

Of the four apps that we stand out, all meet an expectation / original constraint: find a companion or companion once fifties at sunset, preserving its identity or resting on its laurels.


57.5% of French people are single, divorced or widowed (legal marital status of persons, INSEE 2018). These potential users of sites or dating apps are even, for a good third, aged 50 and over.

“Safer than them, more hedonistic than ever and open to meetings, the 50-year-olds are living life to the fullest,” says the latest extension of Meetic, the app, “service dedicated to young people over 50”. To avoid breaking your teeth while looking for someone you love, the app suggests three ways to go to your e-meeting: personalized search (centers of interest or location for example), by the intermediate a carousel of 100 profiles / day (profiles with which we share one or more common points), or by directly addressing members already online.

To whom to send a “flash” or a “message”? Rather than someone who confesses sleeping in socks, or someone who likes to swallow a hard-boiled zinc egg, track down wild orchids, walk in puddles and re-read Boris Vian. A classic of the genre open to 50-99 years (centenary abstain!).


“Your insomnia will make you dream,” promises the Insomniak dating app, active from 8pm to 6am without interruption. No need to “prospect” outside these niches. In this time slot, the registrant has 45 seconds to respond to the invitation of a night owl or insomniac online, male or female aged 18 to 60 (and if I’m 62, I cheat ?), located up to 100 km from the place where it was decided to open the eye rather than close it.

“- Hello Marlene, how are you? Not too hard, your day? – No, it’s okay! And you ? – It’s super short five minutes! Where do you come from ? ” Five minutes ? This is indeed the time available to both “speed-daters” to assess whether or not they wish to continue their digital head-to-head or put an end to it. If they think they have crooked atoms, the conversation can continue until the end of the night … and early morning. Ideal for flirting rather than counting sheep solo.

NRJ Chat

Find the soul mate through the new technos is inevitably to expose himself, that is to say to inform at least his name, his age or his photo. If men must decline their “profile” on NRJ Chat (, the app offers women to advance under cover, “without registration, without photos and without age”, or even description (however, you will be asked for your phone and your location ).

Two benefits to evolve incognito for them: the first is that the colleague or the son, not to say the official partner, does not fall on their profile if he also hang around in the area; the second is that this “quarter of an hour” allows the woman to engage in conversation with men of her choice (exit non-heterosexual couples, LGBTQI app coming soon) without having to bother with the advances of candidates ” not even in dream / no way “. In this quest, men only have to answer (or not) the first female step.

Once, to find easily

And if rather than looking for it in vain, the dream woman / prince charming appeared as if by magic? “Who will we choose for you? “, Advance the Once app ( that proposes to sort the candidate candidates (e) s corresponding to multi-criteria previously filled.

To find a shoe to its feet, this app of slow dating affinity presents, every day at noon, typing, twelve hours after midnight Cinderella, the profile of a potential candidate (the). And only one!

Since February even, Oz invites its users, and they alone, to evaluate their e-conversations and dates. Like a good table to recommend, Thomas gets the score of 3.8 / 5. “Thomas is cute but we do not have much in common,” reads his profile. He could have accompanied me but planted me after the first drink. Not very nice! Cupid will not fail to oust guts and other contenders.