Do you wish to Be a Teacher?

Emily Marsh used to be a primary school teacher in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and now works as a personality development coach in Madison.

Being a teacher is not about having a job, or getting salary- it is about passion. There are 3 kinds of teachers. Bad teachers don’t leave a direct impact. Good teachers teach well. But great teachers motivate. If you do not motivate your students, you are not a great teacher. And teaching is not about being average- anyone can be an average teacher. It’s the passion about being the best.

Though some people think that great teachers are born that way, I plead with to differ. Teaching comes from passion that you develop while growing up. When i was a child, I never thought I would be a teacher, until I went to college, and was influenced by a great teacher what is a course in miracles. My freshman year Physics mentor was a dedicated teacher, and from him, I got a liking for teaching. As i started tutoring for extra money, I developed a passion for teaching. Of course it started with the need for money, but it has not been limited to that. At once, playing begun to center around teaching. I started attending more seminars about pedagogical sciences.

Education is a complicated process. It deals with many processes and procedures. There are many times when you have to just take pedagogy, and you expect students to catch up with it. Teaching does not just involve what you are saying, but it largely mirrors your thoughts via your actions. When you are teaching, the students would catch more of what you do, and less of what you say. From the when a new teacher joined the staff, and she stumbled on me and asked about the most important quality a teacher should possess, and I replied ‘passion’. Though it might seem a secondary quality at first, but when you deal with students, especially of lower age brackets, you need to keep yourself composed and be patient. You need to connect with each one. They all have separate thought processes. Focusing only on the ‘gifted students’ doesn’t make you a good teacher. Anyone can teach an intelligent child. You become a great teacher by teaching the not-so-gifted ones.

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