Best Dating Site For Hookups and Adult Personals (Gleeden – DoubleList – EasyFilrt)

Dating sites by affinity do not make weight against the sites dedicated to adult encounters. Turning to the internet to find the ideal partner is no longer as condemned as a few years ago. Indeed, up to 59% of Americans find that dating sites for casual physical encounters, the best alternative to find the ideal partner.

The percentage of Americans who actually use this route for dating is 40% according to a study conducted by eHarmony. Statistics show that of 47.6% of women registering on dating sites, 33% do not have a lasting relationship and instead look for casual partners. The 52.4% of men who register on these platforms also show that men are more inclined to search for partners on the net.

This state of affairs is justified by the gradual change of mentalities vis-à-vis the expression of female sexuality which is no longer taboo. This is the source of the multiplication of sites that have fostered the full expression of the desires of women, now free to assert themselves on the sexual plane; all this under the guise of anonymity and respect for privacy. As much for men as for women, it has been noted that over the past three years, the propensity to register on dating sites only for temporary and short-term relationships has tripled. Yet only 24% of women admit to register on these sites without trying to create a lasting link. A fact that contrasts with the reality that shows that they are much more likely to not cross the road to invest in a long-term relationship. This figure actually reflects their fear of being judged on their way of life.


Specializing in extramarital affairs, Gleeden ( also attracts swinger couples looking to spice up their lives. By giving a very important place to the confidentiality of the 895,000 French monthly visitors who animate its community, this site has given itself the particularity of making access to its services completely free for women. As for men, they are very comfortable with very accessible and flexible costs. Gleeden’s operation based on advanced search and geolocation gives pride to naughty encounters. All this is animated by a super active community in which the suggestive photos and the hot conversations are very present. This helps to quickly connect future partners. Men are more numerous at 6% compared to women.

Victoria Milan

Aimed also at married people and swinger couples, Victoria Milan ( does not lack ingenious features that delight its users every day. For example, features such as auto-logout or panic allow you to instantly hide the site when you’re about to be surprised by your spouse or other unauthorized person. That’s what mouth watering is not it? Small useful feature, the openness of the members of Victoria Milan allows the trio. This site counts about 234 000 visits per month in France where it is very popular. 48% of its members are women.


Idilys ( is still new in the world of websites dedicated to naughty encounters. But that does not prevent him from spreading his wings very quickly. The secret ? Hunt for a young clientele between 18 and 35 years old. His weapons? A fluid interface and visually adapted to its customers. On Idilys, women are free. However, men are asked to subscribe to discover the community and activate the features that will make them make contact with singles or couples located nearby. The swinging, the shots of a night and the extramarital relations are in the spotlight on Idilys which already counts 100,000 visitors a month in France alone, 54% of men.

Ashley Madison

The designers of Ashley Madison ( gave everything to make the site as comfortable as possible for women. A mention that deserves its place in this comparison because it is rare that a site of naughty encounters gives as much control to women through including filtering potential partners. To this is added for them a free access to the site. Ashley Madison is 47% female and her success continues to grow. The platform offers many tools to guarantee the confidentiality of its services and its community of singles and couples, 47% of whom are women. It has up to 8,000,000 visits per month in France.


DoubleList ( is the perfect site for those who crave naughty encounters, a bit of casual fun, but also for those looking for a soul mate. This site promotes the creation of links between singles from the same region and also between consenting adults for hookups. This concept led to the creation of a good number of matching links that led to the formation of serious couples. With its operation based on advanced research, DoubleList has formed a large number of very warm members in welcoming new registrants. On average, 480,000 monthly visits are counted on this platform, which accounts for 52% of men and 48% of women.


Easy Flirt ( is getting closer to DoubleList with the opportunity for single members to find serious partners in their regions for lasting relationships. With the difference that Easy Flirt offers within its main platform micros sites classified by theme. Thus, gays and lesbians have under platform, as well as singles in search of permanent relationships and finally men and women thirsty for libertinages and passionate relationships transient. The users of this site are almost exclusively single and are automatically paired by advanced search and according to their locations. With 340,000 monthly hits, the statistics reveal a ratio of 60% of active men on the site to 40% of women.