What it’s Like to Use a Dating App when you’re Disabled

Is online dating becoming more accessible for disabled people

It’s not always easy to use dating apps when you’re disabled. We can deal with derogatory comments, discrimination and stupidity. Difficult in this situation to have confidence in yourself and find great love. Kristen, 30, has been paraplegic since the age of five. A follower of dating apps, she shares her experience.

At 30, Kristen works in advertising and seeks love. Registered for a few years on a meeting application, she has met with several people. From Los Angeles, Boston, to New York, she tells of her adventures. Continue reading What it’s Like to Use a Dating App when you’re Disabled

Tinder: The Millennials Sex Revolution

The dating app that explores Facebook’s data has become a social phenomenon in 17 months of existence. More than a billion contacts made through a magic algorithm. Decryption.

“I have been registered on Tinder since last November. Their algorithm is incredible. I do not know how they do it, I have not met a guy dumb or ugly yet. The level of training is always equivalent and the interests, in common “, testifies Isabelle * 26 years. Lovely, this bubbly girl would never have thought of registering on a regular dating site. But Tinder is different. “It’s a social network with a bonus drag dimension.” Continue reading Tinder: The Millennials Sex Revolution